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Talking Katkuti - how to us


Using the Augmented Reality - for advanced fun

Talking Katkuti -ABC is a funny game, and kids like it so much,

Now you can use the Augmented Reality feature, an exciting feature for free,

all you need to do is to follow the instructions and you are ready: 

  1. click the Download button below to download the Katkuti Logo.

  2. Print the image (color / black / gray) print.

  3. Put the printed paper on table

  4. Open the Talking Katkuti app.

  5. Click the "Augmented Reality" button

  6. Point the device camera at the printed logo on table

  7. Now you will enter to a fantasy world, with a lot of effects, you can change
    the environment, characters, let them make animations and many others (watch Video below)


Click the "Download" button to print the Katkuti logo:

كتكوتي الناطق
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